Jfreechart-0.9.4.jar and jcommon-0.7.1.jar

Stroke selection in plot property editor; Also fixed numerous bugs in equals and clone methods throughout the API. BarRenderer - check for series visibility in getLegendItem ; ChartPanel - use correct insets for painting chart buffer to screen, update UI for popup menu if LookAndFeel changes; DateAxis - fixed boundary cases for previousStandardDate method; LineBorder - only draw border if area has positive dimensions; JFreeChart - should register as a listener with the default legend; StandardXYItemRenderer - fixed a problem where chart entities are created for non-visible items; TimePeriodValuesCollection. So assuming that you can run the GanttDemo. XYAreaRenderer with dashed outline - performance problem;

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Nothing has been removed or deprecated: Check your jar files whether this class file is really present or not.

Please check your DefaultPieDatase t class is there while compiling. XYPointerAnnotation arrow drawing; In this release, some new incomplete classes have been included in the org. Incorrect rendering in StackedBarRenderer3D ; I will get the documentation.

If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question. Bug Fixes - CandlestickChart.

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I'd like to make the documentation free too, but I have to earn some money somehow so that I can keep developing JFreeChart There is a new ShortTextTitle class. I hope the code demonstrates that the chart type is independent of the final delivery My question here is, I'm running Windows NTwhat settings should I change in the system so the jchart will work fine? CategoryPointerAnnotation line calculation; In addition, there are some API adjustments there should be no breakage of applications coded to the 1.

Shadows always visible; This release contains an important security patch as well as various bug fixes and minor enhancements.

File listing for project JFreeChart

XYStepRenderer item labels; Regarding this final point: You can build JFreeChart using Jfrwechart-0.9.4.jar by issuing the following command from the root directory of the project:. For most usage, this should improve performance but at the cost of using more memory for each ChartPanel used in your application ; Bug Fixes Bugfix for misalignment in BoxAndWhiskerRenderer ; Month constructor ignores Locale; StandardDialScale ignored tickLabelPaint ; CompositeTitle drawing fix; Regarding the security patch, please see the following advisory:.

Label link lines for very thin RingPlot ; StackedAreaChart has gaps; This is primarily a bug fix release. Migration from JFreeChart 1. Fixes for findRangeBounds in various renderers. Please refer to Issue 66 for additional info.

File listing for project JFreeChart

Ran Checkstyle and corrected issues reported for most classes. A new DialPlot implementation has been added to the 'experimental' sources. Only use 2 jar files, i think this is already defind in jar files.

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