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If we want to represent real numbers then we should go for floating point data types. Every entry in stack is called Stack Frame or Action Record. The instruction which has to execute next will be stored in the corresponding PC Registers.

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The only allowed characters in java identifiers are: Durba the case of interface type arrays as array elements we can provide its implemented class objects. Every variable in java should be either primitive or reference Hence the following are the various possible combinations for variables Var- arg methods variable no of argument methods 1.

For the static and instance variables it durrga not required to perform initialization explicitly JVM will provide default values. None of the above valid Which of the following are valid java keywords? Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link.

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Which of the following list contains only java reserved words? Whenever int is not enough to hold big values then we should go for long data type.

Similarly short literal also. Core Java notes by Mr. Learn CoreJava and advanced concepts in simple steps. The method name should be prefixed with remove. Help Center Find new research papers in: Durga is one of the trainer schp OCJP Certification course for the students who are interested to write the exam. Before going to download the second part of this material you can download the first part of OCJP part-I notes.

Click here to sign up. Nataraz from Sathya Technologies. Total how many objects created? The main objective of command line arguments are we can customize the behavior of the main method. The following 2 are enhansements 1. Method name should be prefixed with add.

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The main advantage of arrays is we can represent multiple values with the same name so that readability of the code will be improved. There is no length limit for java identifiers but it is not recommended to take more than 15 lengths. We can specify that integral literal either in decimal or octal or hexadecimal form but allowed values range is 0 to Newer Post Older Post Home.

A name in java program is called identifier.

Which of the following are valid java identifiers? Instance dutga static variables can be accessed by multiple Threads simultaneously and hence these are not Thread safe but local variables can be accessed by only one Thread at a time and hence local variables are Thread safe. Every variable has a type, every expression has a type and all types are strictly define more over every assignment should be checked by the compiler by the type compatibility hence java language is considered as strongly typed programming language.

We can call or invoke this method by passing any no. Local variables will be stored inside stack. The method name should be acjp with get. Remember me on this computer. Reference variables can be used to druga objects. Which of the following boolean declarations are valid?

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