Rex duodecim angelus

This is a banner goddamn animation. A list of the best fan content. Had it bookmarked for ages to keep up with the progress, never thought it'd actually get done. We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. Link to this page Embed on your site.

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Thank you so much! And I bet the Vriska-haters are dying.

It is finally done. Anyhow, I looooove this.

It reminded me of the first Finishing Move from Gurren Lagann, but your comparison is way more accurate. This is a testament to the strength of the Homestuck community. OMG I saw this when they only had Karkat's bit at the beginning done. I'm going duorecim school can play it.

If you like Homestuck, you may also like: You're probably thinking of this. Also one of Eridans blasts does go towards Sollux who blocks it with a meteor. Whoops, sorry I was being an idiot.

Alterniabound 20 - Rex Duodecim Angelus (Part 2) - Roblox

I suppose there might be an actual reason for it, but it was nigh perfect. Become wngelus Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. This is a banner goddamn animation. Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 14, go to album. Thank you for creating such beautiful music. Vriska kills the black king at the very end in the same way she killed Tavros.

Why am I seeing this? Go Pro Upload Log In.

Rex Duodecim Angelus [Unfinished]

Trying to add any thematic oversight would have made the final product take much longer as people would have to rework their art or even decide they couldn't contribute. The second LP from Kuedo feels like the soundtrack for future-noir, with rippling, uneasy synths and steadily-increasing tension. Also, Kanaya chops of one of the black kings tentacles using the exact panel she cut Eridan in half. From an internal point of view, yes Vriska killed the black king before she killed Tavros.

This is completely amazing and probably the the biggest best thing this fandom has made. I made sure it was all comfortable to play like within an octave but other than that I can't play piano haha. What Pumpkin — twitter. Karkats sickle gets knocked assay by Eridans stray blast and Fefs trident is blown away by the kings wing attack.

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Well, he was capable enough to kill his Denizen, which by all accounts is no small feat, so he has to be a pretty decent fighter.

The way Vriska kills Tavros is similar to the way she kills the black king. Thank you so much. If she raised it to a shout, all on the planet would die.


Uploaded on Aug 11, Had it bookmarked for ages duoedcim keep up with the progress, never thought it'd actually get done. Link to this page Embed on your site.

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