Tamilgun vedhalam

The Shah Rukh Khan starrer of collects Rs 6. Ganesh Helps the Police and hence gets Kidnapped by the baddies. Was this review helpful?

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Ajith himself did this in Jana. Nobody expected that Ajith can give a mass movie like Vedhalam You have already rated this movie. Rest of them tamilgin just casted to increase the time span. It is going to be a huge hit in Tamil Cinema.

Kangana Ranaut reveals she filed her first FIR for sexual assault at the age of tqmilgun Keep doing the good work. But the only question is how far we get entertained? A casual story with expected story and not so interesting. Solely a normal audient perception it may change for someone who is big fan.

So, just go watch the film, if you like it enjoy the movie, if not Amulya to play Darshan's sister in Vedalam remake. All Bombay Times print stories are available on. Ajith's acting is superb! Being a commercial genre film, the film provides few entertainment and mass moments throughout the film.

If only the script was better, this movie would have become a blockbuster as well as a critical hit and would have stayed in the audience's mind long after they have left the cinema. Were the film falters however is in the story and screenplay aspect.

Vedalam HD | TamilGun

To this, Rahul replies that a it will take a really bad man to even come close to him. I am definitely looking forward to future movies from the directors and the actors themselves.

Shruthi hassan song was good.

Action, comedylove, everything doesn't get the apprise of family audience. Laksmi Menon did a wonderful job looked good and saved tamjlgun film single handed. Usual story but this movie have good dialogues and also in few places spoke about women empowerment.

Vedalam HD

Anirudh gas done really well. In fact, most of the events in this movie purely occur due to coincidences.

The film gives you a visual treat. Ganesh is a do-gooder like the former and we get the supporting characters exalting his qualities Ivan azhinju poganum-nu nenaikaravan kooda ivana admire pannama irukka mudiyathu.

Not worth to watch verhalam time. Highest grossing Tamil movies. Sal 11 November Lakshmi Menon portrays the character of Ajith's sister very well. It is a real entertainer.

His role was totally wasted. So, we should give this film a break and judge it for what it is, and not compare it to classics like 'Baasha'. He is beginning to make a career out of films that are extremely loud and incredibly gratuitous, and his filmmaking style mainly involves ramped up camera moves, frenzied cuts, and over-the-top acting with an ear-splittingly loud background vedalam for company.

He is like the student who manages to pass despite his handwriting being an illegible scribble. Aniruth should consider more in songs that is awful in this movie only Aaluma Doluma is good.

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