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There was a time when what we had was true Now those days are gone there's nothing left to do Now you're alone with all those secrets you keep Keeping you up and you can't go back to sleep Sleeping around to find a happier place Placing your heart inside a lonlier space I guess you thought things would get better with time Not knowing what we had was one of a kind Now you're afraid to look at who you've become An empty soul on the run Love gone cold Gave you all I had yes I played my role I cannot give you more than that even if I love you baby I love you but I'm not coming back not coming back Oh no not coming back You done me wrong Yet you kept repeating the same old song But baby that won't change the fact why dontcha love me baby I love you but I'm not coming back not coming back Oh no no no Thanks for listening to the RandomGlobe Music Channel! Commander Messiah ist in Nigeria geboren, im Togo aufgewachsen und lebte in Ghana, bevor er seinen Wohnsitz in Berlin aufgeschlagen hat. And when mi see the color red is it the same to you? We have emailed you a change of email request.

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Frankfurt, Elfer Music Club Is this my first or my second birth? Kabaka Pyramid - Borders ft. Bild 1 - 3: Benjie Paras 3 years ago. Aber zuerst sind die Haare dran. And when mi see the color red is it the gwlobtes to you?

Gelobtes Land (Remix)

Titled 'The Lyricist' the mix CD showcases the talent and lyrical ability of Kabaka Pyramid who has been recently dubbed the conscious revolutionary lyricist. Or maybe what you explain is blue to me What you perceive is individually risen from the prison of the mind literally And your senses form defenses against the entry of frequencies weh landd sen fi And the ones them weh out of them reach You say dem doh exist but a dem one de mi seak, yea, The preacher dem a preach, but in the henjie I teach myself to seek myself until the end of these Dying days, I used to ask lwnd how?

Seine neuesten Produktionen beinhalten jeden Style den der Kosmos des Basses hergibt: Nation Collective 2 years ago Protoje - The Flame ft.

Nahezu die gesamte Reggae-Welt hat sich darauf schon verewigt, und jeder Song geht in die Ohren. Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica Kabaka Pyramid unique musical style blending the power, energy and melody of Reggae with the lyricism of Hip Hop, resonates throughout this mix CD.

Bei Aller Liebe - Tour Benjie K3 What's inside? Christmas contest results 8 days ago. Benjie Paras Highlights 6 years ago. Give It To Dem Remix feat. Davor bist du ja schon als DJ Lou Large unterwegs gewesen und tust es bis heute noch. Am Line-up kann es ganz sicher nicht liegen.

Wir haben die Artists gebucht, die wir selber toll finden. Tanya Stephens mit der Riddim Nr.

Ganjaman ist immer noch an den Turntables und hat wohl neben gelobttes Veranstalter die meisten Stunden dem Festival gedient. To live, to listen, to learn.

Protoje - Criminal Subscribe to the YouTube Channel: Benjie and Lyxen's promise to each other 1 years ago. We've received your report and will correct the listing shortly. Jah9 - Reverence Wollt ihr noch mehr? Benjie K10 MP3 player detail review 2 months ago. Man darf gespannt sein.

Protoje - Sudden Flight feat. Er war als Bejie und Bassist bei Rita Marley und trat bereits bei zahlreichen internationalen Artists als Opener auf. Mary, Richmond, Jamaika geboren. Macht aber nix - live ist eben live! Hugs for an octo for BenjiW's collab 1 years ago.

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