Happy to see that you find Ganttic easy to use! Reports tab will help you out. My job would be much harder and more time consuming with out Ganttic.

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Ganttic is the perfect software to allow me to track our travelling staff. However, as often happens our clients ganttci using Ganttic and some of the functionalities of Ganttic are not so easily been seen as we want. Lots of inputs required to allow a faithful representation of the plan, rather time-consuming.

To get these settings to 'stick' sometimes takes a couple tries. For example, I have 3 employees scheduled for Monday Tuesday and Wednesday on one job, when I need to change just one of those 3 employees to say work only Monday and Tuesday I have to delete that task from that resource and create a new one to show only the two days instead of the three.

There is not a good balance between views when trying to look at a project based view or a resource based view. I know there is a lot more functionality than what I use, but it isn't obvious where to find the training.

I would like more functionality in terms of monitoring the execution of tasks spent time performing tasks. I would like to have it integrated with Microsoft outlook. I can imagine that it might cause problems that our service is in English only.

I would like to be able to save the settings of the resource group and task type that I use for each view so I don't have to redo the setting each time.

About Ganttic Ganttic is a resource planning and project portfolio management software which does equally great job for scheduling people, projects, facilities and equipment. Excellent support when needed. So I can make sure no employees get gantticc. Going around this problem is time-consuming. Thank you for the feedback that you provided. This program is very good to help me visualize scheduling of all the tasks. Good tool for basic resource planning.

Read more from here: I will try to give you also some gantgic on the issues that you raised.

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We agree the issues with time tracking - gqnttic in its conceptual sense Ganttic is not exactly meant for direct time tracking purposes. Our used time feature helps you track the time it really took your team to complete a task.

Does this solve the challenge you were faced with? It should export the fields across, one row for each record so that its easy to gantgic the data in Excel. Feel free to book at anytime a free personalized Ganttic demo from here: The easy access from anywhere in the world and ease of use. Easy to use Overall: We have so far have not had this problem.

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I will be happy to go through everything again if the problem still persists. Vendor Response by Ganttic on January 22, Hi! This link makes our production very flexible and mobile. Ease of use, value for money, reporting Cons: What does customization mean? Simple to use, ganttkc to overview.

Easy to gantgic up and very straight forward licensing. I wish I could add multiple resources to the same task instead of adding the same task for everyone. A good UX design could help, have you considered inviting users to test the software at your premises and record them completing some tasks?

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