Nisvanis has been celebrating our birthday on April 9 since We are happy that we sing about naughty and peculiar issues. Do you often receive criticism? Its gets , arrivals, most of these are Chinese construction workers

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Rock music lovers and fans of Nisvanis are watching our new videos through the internet. Nisvahis is friends with lots of painters, poets and journalists. Basically, long hair looks good. I think I am carrying out my duty well. Have you made plans for your next album? We already started writting songs for the fifth album. They said stop this madness.

Poets work closely with artists and performer. Me and poet B.

Nisvanis to release fifth album later this year

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. And we are very confident in what we do.

I was studying to become a conductor at the State University of Arts and Culture. A guy pulled my hand and I fell off the stage. You have released four albums in 20 years.

Do you often receive criticism?


How did your parents react when you formed a rock band? Our band tried to be different and unique from other bands when we were first established.

You usually write your own songs. At the nisvani, yellow journalism had a strong influence. The fifth album is expected to be released in September or October. I am very happy that we create songs through their unique way of thinking.

Recently Added Keep updated through our new website www. Plus long hair has a lot of advantages. My hair hides my face. Does it influence your songs?

Nisbanis are also psychologically prepared for criticism. Galsansukh are childhood friend. Ganbold will be criticised by Mongolians for telling the Or is this a song? Suddenly, I became a rock enthusiast. What was the most shocking thing that happened to you during a concert? I am responsible for leading the band. I let my hair down while I am singing on stage.

We are not expecting our videos to be watched on TV. We agreed on one thing when we were first established. My friend Galsansukh is our spiritual mentor. So we have to create a very energetic album.

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