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Profile for Anthony Villareal. As for ballpark names - it's less flexible, as it's only possible to use the values, predefined in english. Posted October 7, edited. Fri Jul 16, 9:

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I remember last year we had a set amount including the geditor 10 create-a-teams. Glitch, when files were sometimes loaded in Free license mode despite the registered keyif opened immediately after the tool was launched.

M dDog Special thanks: I'll try to extract the font, when i have some free time. It's sort of a multi-step process, but I'll try to explain.

REDitor V - NBA 2K12 at ModdingWay

Probably it is possible refitor move teams around, but changing the number of teams in each division works only partially Edited October 7, by Tim Tone. If there is one thing deditor you should know about me other than being computer addict, it is I am a huge fan rreditor basketball-both in real life and PC games. Let me know if you need another pair of hands for testing this year. The game itself is powerful enough to allow you to do those changes but if you want to do more like editing detailed information, you need more power and tools.

I'm pretty sure he'll provide documentation for things we can't find on our own when it finally releases. Sat Jun 21, 2: I'll answer your Qs later a bit.

For the first time there will be three different covers to choose from when picking up the game, with Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan being the cover athletes of the game. Your friend should support the man. Font type of what? Though, i guess, it's not a problem to convert from ROS to uncompressed-IFF and vice-versa, as they are nearly identical.

Register a new account. It is not guaranteed, rdditor the files will work correctly with any other 3rd party software. This is why it's important to look at the "Teams" tab first, so you know that you're looking at the right one.

You can take a look on Ultimate Base Roster mod for NBA 2K12 to see, how many fully-made with jerseys, players, staff and arenas teams were added to the file.

Sign In Sign Up. Know what I mean? Redutor tried the Audio ID, nothing.

So, please, avoid posting pointless messages in future. Thanks to Vl d, Leftos and all the other patchers for their hard work. Posted October 10, Posted October 6, Now, if a record is deleted from some table, all the links, refering to the table, will be automatically recalculated - Changed: Posted October 16, 2,12.

While there were no problem editing the file for NBA 2K12, increasing the total MLB 2K12 text size even by one character leads to the game crash on startup. Once you're over the limit, a name corruption will take place some names will be erased from the file.

REDitor V 3.7.0

I'd love to totally overhaul that as part of a 2K13 mod since there is a utility that will generate bitmap erditor from true type fonts. It is possible to change jerseys names, but, unfortunately, no custom names are available due to english.

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