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Messages forwarded from other forums will be posted only after removing references to those forums. You must try it! The most popular version among the program users is 3. There is some disagreement over who made the first attempt to develop a Bangla font in Bangladesh.

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Immediately after using BornoSoft Accent, which has been developed on a set of easy rules based on consistent logics you will realize the fact that Bangla keyboarding bangl not have been made more simple. Send a private message to Arnab.

If you are the creator of the webpage, you need to create an embedded font for your own webpage. Next in popularity is probably the Munir softwaer based on the Munir Optima typewriter that is included in a number of packages.

All attempts to develop Bangla software have been made essentially by individuals or private institutions. Many of these are expatriate Bangladeshis. Later on, a Bangla spell-checker was added to the Proshika Shabda package.

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We as a nation are backward gadhas, so we don't have a stable protocol for web-based bangla and bangla-reading capability is not included in any browser. No known effort in Bangla software separately for Unix platform has been reported. The company is always in search of new technology to introduce first time at local market URL: If any of you prefers to have a pen name, please write to the moderator and your original name will not be published in the forum.

Among the non-professional Bangla typists in Bangladesh, BornoSoft's Bangla is gradually gaining popularity. Find all posts by Orpheus.

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He has developed 'Ekhushey', an add-on Bangla software, which works exclusively on Microsoft Word. The Yahoo e-groups under which the forum maintains a membership list with e-mail address of the members. Send a private message to Orpheus.

The development of a Bangla font was the unavoidable first step of developing a Bangla software. Montreal, Canada Favorite Player: There are a few hands-on, step-by-step tutorials on this very subject, I am sure. The time now is With BornoSoft Accent you can use your keyboard for writing in different Bangla languages: To this effect, we will strictly abide by the following rules: We suggest not to choose a pen name that is offensive to any race, religion or person.

MM may also not publish messages written primarily in response to articles posted in other forum s.

Abdus Shakil, a physician-scientist by profession and the founder of BornoSoft, has devised such a logical and comprehensive system after years of research in Bangla. Express It This site wants to boost the freedom of speech, summarizes news concerning governance, politics, and society etc.

All original articles contained in Mukto-mona. We can use Bangla font to build a site that wont need downloading.

You must try it! The destination URL is the address where a searcher is taken when an advertisement copy in search engines is clicked.

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So arnab, sodtware should be able to do it too I better get an answer The webfont should work now, albeit one or two letters are corrupted. Besides the standard-sized letters, he developed smaller-sized Bangla letters, similar to the Roman upper and lower case alphabet, for use to form juktakkhor or conjoint consonants. Any form of religious preaching will not be posted.

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