Amerigo bt-bold font

Although it was a popular typeface in Europe, Erbar began to be forgotten when Helvetica and Univers pushed out the geometric sans serifs in the late s. Morison thought subsequently named Barbou was the better recutting and had it issued, though only in one size, in The name was an inside reference by Harvey, an inveterate jazz fan, to the close working relationship of bandleader Duke Ellington and songwriter Billy Strayhorn. But it is that rich color that makes it worth reconsideration today rather than so many of the classic typefaces whose digital incarnations are weak and febrile e.

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Trying to generalize about Jaeger-Antiqua is incredibly difficult.

Friedrich Poppl — was overshadowed during his lifetime by Hermann Zapf, his German compatriot. This strong personality may explain why the typeface has been overlooked. And it has a calligraphic sensibility, but much less pronounced than in Kepler.

This typeface should finally give Fournier le Jeune his proper due in England and America. But he was an outstanding calligrapher and a good type designer. There are no weights. The Initial Ornaments part of the Golden Cockerel family combines versal-like initials with an odd melange of ornaments, such as sprightly cockerels roosterscurly fringed leaves and several Christian symbols crosses, angels, doves and a chalice.

It is an unassuming design, easy to overlook.

There are four weights Light, Regular, Semibold and Bold with matching italics, and the latter have clear chancery cursive roots but are not overtly calligraphic. One of the least-known is Golden Cockerel, which was created for Robert Gibbings of the Golden Cockerel Press, a private house specializing in books illustrated with woodcuts by the best English artists of the time.

In a terrific PDF booklet made to accompany the typeface, Tankard chronicles his search for secrets of the elusive quality of the text faces of the letterpress era. What makes Kingfisher successful seems to be two things: And with the advent of digital type, Photina faded further from view. But Jaeger-Antiqua is clearly a typeface for ephemera and advertising rather than books.

Admittedly, that typeface was a poor choice for the logo of a Silicon Valley corporation.

Amerigo BT Bold

The italic is not as pleasing as the roman. Strayhorn is marked by subtle curvature bt-bild its strokes in the manner of Optima, but it is much more rugged and no-nonsense. It is more accurate to say that it has glyphic qualities in the manner of Albertus without being as rigid. Michael Harvey — was a stonecutter, book jacket designer and type designer. The typeface was released in four weights Roman, Semibold, Bold and Ultrabold with matching italics.

The International Design Awards ].

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Its sans bt-blld companion was not called Ellington Sans but Strayhorn. Finally, the bent head serifs of the lowercase stems seem inspired by the romans of Fournier. It has the same weights and italics. These characters reflect a diverse array of influences. Poppl Laudatio has been described by Bt-obld as calligraphic, which is completely misleading. He had a book designer test it out. Meanwhile, the Regular version is flexible enough to be used for both text and display. The latter are very energetic—almost jazzy—like ITC Veljovic, a typeface designed at nearly the same time.

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Although this story has been well known for decades, Barbou has never been digitized. However, there are still separate fonts for small caps instead of mega OT glyph sets. The result was Amerigo. It is the latter that makes it less elegant and more broadly pragmatic. In fact, it may be its uniqueness that has caused many designers to overlook its strengths.

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