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The menu of the current version may be slightly different from the menu shown in the picture! Tame may be more reliable if you enable an advanced option that lets it work in more parts of Windows than it does by default. Pierre With all the advantages modern computing has given us, for those using Advanced Revelation, there is one disadvantage we have been forced to work with, the loss of EMS memory.

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If you decide to use Tame beyond the 30 day period then it must be registered.

Why Tame is necessary: By default, Tame uses Lucida Console, which works extremely well. I tested the Star Trek sentence on our computers and setting a Key delay to ms gave consistent results. Slightly confusingly, you can use either TextSize or TextHeight at the end of the line, and the result will be the same. What exactly does "right-click" mean? When you type WP character 4,72 using any keyboard shortcut to which 4,72 has been assignedthe euro should appear on screen, and, if you performed step 1 correctly, it should print when you print your document.

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Add the following line near the top of the file:. Any font settings that you select on the Tame menu will have no effect tamedoe I repeat, absolutely no effect at all - on the fonts that WPDOS uses for printing.

When you have the trace file that you need, edit the Tame. You da man, Marko.

Running WordStar for DOS Under Windows

After installing Tame, start WordPerfect from a desktop shortcut as you probably do normally. You can download this program from www. EXE or anything tameos, change it back to WP.

Tame can save separate settings files for use with individual shortcuts. I can't find or edit my Autoexec.

If, when running Tame, you use Alt-Spacebar, then Edit Edit Options, and choose Sotware Copy, your selected text will be copied to the clipboard as soon as you mark it, without requiring the Edit Copy to Clipboard action. While we have done our best to improve the viewing of braille dots on the screen without full screen, we can appreciate the effort to use full screen mode. Nice memories about tamexos old times You may use the System menu use.

Full screen mode only works on older computers. Read this paragraph and be absolutely certain that you understand it!

Tame may be more reliable if you enable an advanced option that lets it work in more parts of Windows tamwdos it does by default. For WordStar, shift and control state don't matter for the second key in a two-key-command, so all of these work to paste from the Keyboard: Here are five alternatives:.

Some visitors to this site report better success with the earlier version than with the current one.

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Fortunately, you can use a keyboard-remapping utility to make another key perform the function of the Win key; I use Scroll Lock for this purpose. The copied text can then be pasted into any Windows application. If you recently bought a Windows 7, 8, or 10 computer, you almost certainly have bit Windows. Make sure you understand this essential concept!

This sotware needed for some programs that expect the upper end of conventional memory to be available.

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Any change that you make to Tame's font settings will have absolutely no effect on the printer font that WPDOS uses for printing. You can create a shortcut options file as follows: I will still try to respond to emails but I cannot promise anything.

To change the font that Tame uses for displaying text, press Alt-Spacebar to bring up the Tame System menu you can use this keystroke even if Tame is in its graphics-based full-screen mode.

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