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Page 1 of 1 - Illuminate! Besides its great design, I have noticed that it? You can easily browse through different folders of the phone with the help of the File manager, which has become a common application included in a Sony Ericsson handset. You can synchronize the phone with the PC through the USB cable, but be careful what kind of connection mode you choose if you want to transfer data from your memory card.

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This thin design - which is almost as themew as the Walkman W just 3mm in it is marred only slightly by the protruding autofocus 3. The latter is not available in Normal mode, so if you want to take advantage of the zooming feature, you fhemes set mode to Panorama, Frames or Burst. The Organizer contains some of the basic applications that every modern mobile phone usually contains: That will probably reduce the talk time to no more than 5 hours of talk time, but that may depend on the network.

The Ti not only served us well for extensive t50i messaging, our thumbs were hardly feeling the stress at all. You can synchronize the phone with the PC through the USB cable, but be careful what kind of connection mode you choose if you want to transfer data from your memory card. Page 1 of 1 - Illuminate! More of a catalogue filler, rather than a breaking the mold option.

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You can find a wide range of applications embedded in the Entertainment category from the Main menu, such as: Even if the phone wasn't meant to enter the market as a high-end product, the price almost makes it so.

Click to load comments. Likewise the phone doesn't include the more interesting colourful themes found on the Si which is a cheerful 2. Sony Themez has turned back to the roots of its mobile phone designing process, and that gives Ti a retro look, which seems to attract more and more buyers. The screen also has a new bonding technique that gives a wider viewing angle. The themes that are pre-installed in the Ti are also exclusive to the mobile so as to maintain its uniqueness and they even change according to the different major dates and festivals.

Its stainless steel body and scratch resistant mineral glass screen provides ruggedness, and yet exudes an understated tastefulness of a finely crafted mobile phone you won't minding flashing with pride on the streets. Just to rise up its value, Sony Ericsson included a 3. There's certainly more cancerous stuff out there that people don?

Huawei confirms Mobile World Congress event and launch - new flagship phone expected. These can be event-based alerting you to texts and calls or just deliver a cheesily hypnotic light show. Hailing in colors of Midnight Blue and Growing Green, this mobile phone is intended to dazzle as it comes in matching themes that are mirrored on the lighting display of the keypad. The sound is very good as long as you don't use the headset found in the sales package and attach better ones.

I'm pretty sure that the phone already made lots of "victims" through its classy look and high-end specifications. Sleek and made from a durable stainless steel compound, the phone impresses through simplicity and sturdiness.

The latter contains the 2. Sony Ericsson built a stylish candy-bar and embedded some of the high-end technologies.

Perhaps these will be more satisfied by the powerful camera and multimedia features. The battery life of the Ti stands at a reasonable estimated talk time of seven hours. Dazzling Design Having the Sony Ericsson Ti made of stainless steel and mineral glass is one of the things that the engineers at Sony Ericsson have done right. The screen is surrounded by a metallic case and is protected by a special cover against scratches.

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Perhaps its measures x 46 mm and weight 95 grams including battery won't make the phone stand out from the crowd, but the slim look only Sony Ericsson's Ti features a TFT display that supports themew colors and x pixels resolution. Overall, the multimedia experience exceeded our expectations through its sound quality t50i easy to use interface. Furthermore, the fact that Sony Ericsson didn't bother to make it quad-band network compatible suggests that they knew from the start that the phone will have such a high radiation level.

The bottom back of the phone integrates an external speaker, while near the front bottom you'll notice the small and unprotected 3.

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