Gelcompar ii software

Imaging of any selection of patterns by normalized 2D-bitmap strips, densitograms or reconstructed patterns. Search form Search this site. Distributorship Privacy policy License agreement. Same presentation features as for PCA.

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Professional presentation, printing and exporting tools. Creation of 2-D and 3-D bar graphs, contingency tables, 2-D and spatial 3-D scatter plots or feature plots from database fields and band characters. Then please fill in the contact form. Approved band-search algorithms with adjustable sensitivity for shoulder and double-band finding based on curve.

Applied Maths

Powerful search engine for combined database searches on different information fields and experiment presence, character values, and ranges. Imaging of any selection of patterns by normalized 2D-bitmap strips, densitograms or reconstructed patterns. You may add any module at a later date if desired. Plotting of dendrogram branches on PCA for advanced grouping comparisons.

Need more information about this gel electrophoresis software? Ever since the first release of GelCompar inApplied Maths has produced state-of-the-art gel electrophoresis software for the analysis of banding patterns.

Migration from GelCompar II to BioNumerics | Applied Maths

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Creation of dendrograms including up to 20, database entries using product-moment Pearson correlation, cosine correlation, Dice or Nei and Li, Jaccard, Jeffrey's X, Ochiai and area sensitive relatives.

Search form Search this site. Client functions come with the Database Sharing Tools.

GelCompar II: Gel electrophoresis software | Applied Maths

Kolgomorov-Smirnov test for normality of character data. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Same presentation features as for PCA.

Control password timeout and strength, user activity logging and data input consistency. Fast identification of batches of entries with entire databases or selections from databases, using all available coefficients.

Bootstrap analysis for single or composite datasets, after creation of band class table in combination with Comparative Quantification module. Direct interaction between database and dendrogram. Skip to main content.

BioNumerics can analyse phenotypic characters and sequence data as well as gel data. Bundles can be exchanged over internet and opened in a recipient database.

BioNumerics and GelCompar are similar software except that GelCompar is limited to the analysis of gel fingerprint data. Indication of statistical error at all linkage levels and calculation of cophenetic correlation. Foodborne Pathogens and Disease.

Statistical determination of most justified tolerance settings for banding patterns. Categorical coefficient for multi-state character data such as VNTR. Quantification of molecular sizes or any other metric unit using linear, logarithmic, combined logarithmic-third power regression, cubic spline or pole functions.

For further details please download the GelCompar pdf brochure. Real-time rotation of coordinate system to enhance perception of 3-D structures. Spatial representation of clouds of entries in X-Y-Z coordinate system. Users must purchase the Basic database module and then choose from 4 analysis modules and a database sharing tools module.

A number of parametric and non-parametric statistical tests can be performed in an easy and intuitive environment Chi-square test, T-test, Wilcoxon signed-ranks test, Kruskal-Wallis test, ANOVA, Pearson correlation test, Spearmann rank-order test.

Gelstrip borders and tracking splines adjustable for each individual lane.

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