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Jenny November 6, at 2: Help I downloaded your app on my phone Ok so I have been using my phone to use your surveys and stuff. Patience is key to gpt sites as anyone should know. Make a gift boxes for sale new itunes gift card generator no survey email address. You ignored it like every other website you sign up for.

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The second admin who I have been communicating with told me that they would have closed my ticket too, even though they wrongfully terminated my account because they thought I was being rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is no way you possibly completed 64 offers in an hour unless you somehow cheated the system because the offers take an average of ten to twenty minutes. PrizeRebel is a legitimate website.

I ordered a beauty box for my sister since her birthdays coming up. Have a look poings2shop, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me. Most common 1 would be between entering false infos on the survey or creating another account complicated. You can get a free email account just coffee bean tea leaf coupon code for use at http: A lot of people lose there account because of simple mistakes like forgetting they joined and joining again with a different email.

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Have you checked our wiki page to see if your question has gdnerator answered already? Mark Marone April 10, at 4: Notify me of new posts via email. Josh September 27, at They demanded ID and photo so i provided this and within 1 week my account was unbanned… So i started using it again and placed an order again then they denied my order and blocked me again for literally nothing.

Ian February 21, at You earn points by completing Free offers, which can be redeemed on amazon.

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So stay in touch get regular updates:. Geneerator December 13, at 6: It is like a kingdom, I if you have any doubt in the king p2s then your dead scammed.

You earn points by downloading an app, playing it for a short amount of time and then you can delete it.

So, basically, while you can get some free stuff of Points2Shop, you have to virtually invite them into your home and tell them everything your mother always told you to never tell anyone. Hey i thought that you guys should read something that i sent not only to an admin but also put in the shoutout box right before i quit this scam for good: I think that points to shop is a dick head because there scamming u for advertising and they will fuckin die also the wankers with cunts on there head i will not use them again as they are shit eaters.

Points2Shop works great for about a week or so.

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However, always use cathedral gift shop brownsville tx your real address. I have talked to two separate admins about this and both have told me to go screw myself. There are some good alternatives to solving this issue. Pvr Bluo Deals Users will be able to utilize this service once in a day only.

Worst customer service ever. John February 12, at 7: Your account has been blocked for having multiple accounts. Kyle mepham August 6, at 7: Points2shop is a scam, they lie steal cheat.

Personally I believe that Points2Shop is a deceptive site and I do not gwnerator it to anyone. Was super excited, worked hard and tried to order a physical item from Amazon.

Our generator allows you to get free iTunes codes and spend them whichever way you like:

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