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When you discover a slow spot in your Windows game play, you don't just want to know where you are spending a lot of time. Download a PDF of the product brief: This software and the related documents are Intel copyrighted materials, and your use of them is governed by the express license under which they were provided to you License. Thus you can analyze all the processes in the program and locate hotspots which lead to performance issues. What Customers Are Saying "We reached our final goal of p [frames per second] encode in a single thread.

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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice. Fine tuning can provide significant gains, especially if your game is CPU-bound. Design new threading to exploit multicore processors.

Detecting probable performance issues and offering ways of their solution. VTune Amplifier is available as a standalone product as amplifiee as part of the following suites:. Buy the suite through a number of resellers or directly from the online store.

Developer Zone AppUp Research. A Look at VTune.

Stop guessing why software is slow. For that purpose Sampling counts the number of processor ticks, executed instructions, processor cache misses and branch mispredictions.

Getting Started with Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE | Intel® Software

System See a system-level view of application performance. Hotspot analysis features provide a sorted amplofier of the functions that are using considerable CPU time. The profiler result consists of details such as time spent in each sub routine which can be drilled down to the instruction level. VTune Amplifier is available as a standalone product as well as part of the following suites: Thus you can analyze all the processes in the program and locate hotspots which lead to performance issues.

You may need to undertake a detailed analysis to understand all dependencies. Choose a suite of amplifiet tools that best fits your needs. However, we should not forget about optimization which, despite the common belief, has always been highly important too. It is available as part of Intel Parallel Studio or as a stand-alone product. September Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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You can use the powerful VTune analysis tools to sort, filter, and visualize results on the timeline and on your source.

3.3. Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE

While executing the application, the utility measures time spent in modules, functions, code lines, and samples processor events those related to branch prediction, efficiency of micro-op fusion, partial outages associated with a particular module or function. Selecting an Event 6. Do you make errors in the code?

On the New year's eve, a PVS-Studio team decided to make a nice gift for all contributors of open-source This time it is not one project, the source code of It has both a graphical user interface GUI and command line and comes in versions for Linux or Microsoft Windows operating systems.

For complete information, see the Release Notes. Intel VTune Performance Analyzer allows the user to collect data about inside events of Intel processors, analyze them and find the most loaded code fragments called hotspots. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

If you have symbols and sources, you can easily drill amplifiwr to find the costliest functions, and VTune will provide profiling data on your source to indicate hotspots within the function of interest. Single Thread Optimize single-threaded performance.

VTune Amplifier performance profiler is a commercial application for software performance analysis of 32 and bit x86 based machines. Idle and Active Power 5.

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