Noah 40 shebib sound kit

No one has ever touched his sessions. But going after placements is definitely not my M. On top of that the kick is somewhat dulled tops have been cut , and sits in a short reverb that is slightly delayed i. Ye has been an influence to me but not too much.

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What is the secret to the Sound of 40?

OVO Sound Pack

Originally Posted by J My character was Parkie Denton. My guess is that he uses hi-pass filters, reverb, compression, and delay on his kicks. The guy that created the curriculum there is a guy named Gadget. Enter your search terms Submit search form.

Drake's Producer "Kanye Cussed Me Out One Day For Jacking His Sound" |

Because 1der has a lack of engineering background he gives me a lot of room to play with so I just go off on his shit. Low pass filter, compression, and a bit of reverb.

On top of that the kick is somewhat dulled tops have been cutand sits in a short reverb that is slightly delayed i. Not recorded a vocalnever missed a take. Kinda sounds like a water drop to me. Finally I had a reason.

How does Noah " 40 " shebib get his drums sounding like they do ??? - Future Producers forums

I have a very unorthodox attitude toward the whole business and even my situation. I create and build all of my midi sequences in ProTools. Plus these other kids were actually studying their lines and getting acting coaches. To be honest with you pretty much the only synth I use siund Xpand, which is a stock ProTools plugin.

Ye cussed me out one day about jacking his sound. But I do use a lot of Pads. Drake is super spoiled. I will track him til the day I die.

Results 1 to 10 of I was there for about half a course when I realized that I was ahead of a lot of the stuff I was doing.

Don't know if I remember correctly lol. You always need management.

How to get the Noah 40 Shebib Drake drum’s effect

We started looking for this music and he was turning down hundreds of beats and I realized what sound he was going for. I have been trying for weeks to give my drums that "40" sound. I actually have the dexterity to run up and down the piano like a jazz solo. I exclusively used Pro Tools for all of my productions.

Cancel Reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Have you tailored this sound for Drake?

Not in my drum programming or anything. I would guess he uses hi pass filters and compression.

So what exactly do you do then? No one has ever touched his sessions. Some of our conversation was a little too gear-heavy for the readers of Vibe so you know I had to osund those jewels for the Nodfactor faithful.

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